Where we come from

Our Expertise

As part of the original Euroscreen S.A. spin-off founded in 1994, we’ve benefited from a buoyant research and development environment focused on GPCR science. This expertise was nurtured over the past two decades by taking part in many GPCR deorphanization programs, developing hundreds of cell lines and screening assays, and assisting our customers in their drug discovery efforts.

Where we're going

Main Achievements

Our ever-growing catalogue of recombinant GPCR assays has more than 530 targets represented by over 1,000 functional and radioligand binding assays that can be used for high throughput screening, molecular pharmacology and profiling with various readouts. We’ve also developed a unique GPCR deorphanization platform which has been used for the successful identification of 17 new receptor-ligand pairs.