Our Offer

We offer to test your compounds in one or more of our assays (cAMP, IP-One, Aequorin, GTPγS, ERK1/2, Radioligand Binding, or customized assays) to determine affinity, agonist, antagonist or allosteric modulator potency, efficacy and functional selectivity. Standard turnaround time is 15 business days after compounds delivery, but for repeated testing you can benefit from our Fast TAT of 5 business days.

Families in our catalogue

HS = Homo sapiens; MM = Mus musculus; RN = Rattus norvegicus; CF = Canis familiaris; CP = Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus); RH = Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta); MF = Crab-eating monkey (Macaca fascicularis); OC = Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus); SS = Pig (Sus scrofa)

Our Assays

  • Aequorin = luminescence-based intracellular Ca2+ flux assay
  • cAMP = HTRF assay for intracellular cAMP quantification (Gs or Gi mode)
  • IPOne = HTRF assay for intracellular IP1 quantification
  • GTPγS = radiometric assay measuring GTP recruitment at Gα subunits
  • ERK1/2 = HTRF assay for intracellular p-ERK quantification (Thr202/Tyr204)
  • Internalization = TagLite® assay for receptor internalization measurement
  • Binding = radiometric or fluorescent (TagLite®) receptor binding assay
  • Biochemical = luminescent or fluorescent assay for enzymatic activity inhibition determination
Families Targets Species Aequorin cAMP IPOne GTPγS ERK1/2 Internalization Binding Biochemical
Adenosine A1 CF FAST-0165C
Adenosine A1 HS FAST-001A FAST-001C FAST-001G FAST-001B
Adenosine A1 MM FAST-031C FAST-031G FAST-031B
Adenosine A1 RN FAST-0162C FAST-0162B
Adenosine A2A CF FAST-0166C
Adenosine A2A HS FAST-002A FAST-002C FAST-002G FAST-002B
Adenosine A2A MM FAST-032C FAST-032B
Adenosine A2A RN FAST-0163C FAST-0163B
Adenosine A2B CF FAST-0167C
Adenosine A2B HS FAST-003A FAST-003C FAST-003B
Adenosine A2B MM FAST-033C FAST-033B
Adenosine A2B RN FAST-0164C
Adenosine A3 CF FAST-0168C
Adenosine A3 HS FAST-004A FAST-004C FAST-004G FAST-004B
Adenosine A3 MM FAST-034C FAST-034G FAST-034B
Adenosine A3 RN FAST-012C FAST-012G FAST-012B
Adrenergic α1A HS FAST-005A FAST-005C FAST-005I FAST-005B
Adrenergic α1B HS FAST-008A FAST-008I FAST-008B
Adrenergic α1D HS FAST-009A FAST-009I FAST-009B
Adrenergic α2A HS FAST-006A FAST-006C FAST-006G FAST-006B
Adrenergic α2B CF FAST-013A FAST-013G FAST-013B
Adrenergic α2B HS FAST-007A FAST-007G FAST-007B
Adrenergic α2C HS ES-032A ES-032C ES-032G ES-032B
Adrenergic β1 HS ES-033A ES-033C ES-033B
Adrenergic β2 HS ES-034C ES-034B
Adrenergic β3 HS ES-035A ES-035C ES-035B
Amine Transporters DAT HS FAST-1000B
Amine Transporters NET HS FAST-1001B
Amine Transporters SERT HS FAST-1002B
Anaphylatoxin C3a HS FAST-010A FAST-010C FAST-010G FAST-010B
Anaphylatoxin C5a HS FAST-011C FAST-011G
Anaphylatoxin C5a2 HS FAST-0960B
Angiotensin AT1 CF FAST-037B
Angiotensin AT1 HS FAST-015A FAST-015I FAST-015B
Angiotensin AT2 CF FAST-038B
Angiotensin AT2 HS FAST-016B
Angiotensin AT2 MM FAST-017B
Apelin APJ HS FAST-020A FAST-020C FAST-020G FAST-020B
Bile Acid GPBA CF FAST-0966C
Bile Acid GPBA HS FAST-0965C
Bile Acid GPBA MM FAST-0967C
Bile Acid GPBA RN FAST-0968C
Bombesin BB1 HS FAST-022A FAST-022B
Bombesin BB2 HS FAST-023A FAST-023B
Bombesin BB3 HS FAST-021A FAST-021B
Bombesin BB3 MM FAST-018A
Bombesin BB3 RN FAST-019A
Bradykinin B1 HS FAST-027A FAST-027I FAST-027B
Bradykinin B1 RN FAST-0207A
Bradykinin B2 HS FAST-028A FAST-028B
Calcitonin AM1 HS FAST-026C
Calcitonin AM2 HS FAST-024A FAST-024C FAST-024B
Calcitonin AMY1 HS FAST-035C
Calcitonin AMY2 HS FAST-036C
Calcitonin AMY3 HS FAST-029C
Calcitonin CGRP HS FAST-025A FAST-025C FAST-025B
Calcitonin CTR HS FAST-030C
Calcium CaS HS FAST-0680A FAST-0680I
Cannabinoid CB1 HS FAST-040C FAST-040G FAST-040E FAST-040B
Cannabinoid CB1 MF FAST-042C
Cannabinoid CB1 OC FAST-046C
Cannabinoid CB1 RN FAST-044C FAST-044G FAST-044B
Cannabinoid CB2 HS FAST-041C FAST-041G FAST-041B
Cannabinoid CB2 RN FAST-045C FAST-045G FAST-045B
Chemerin CCRL2 HS FAST-0948B
Chemerin CMKLR1 HS FAST-050A FAST-050C FAST-050G FAST-050E FAST-050B
Chemerin CMKLR1 MM FAST-051A FAST-051B
Chemerin CMKLR1 RN FAST-053A
Chemerin GPR1 HS FAST-052B
Chemokine CCR1 HS FAST-058A FAST-058C FAST-058G FAST-058B
Chemokine CCR1 MM FAST-059C
Chemokine CCR10 HS FAST-067A FAST-067C FAST-067G
Chemokine CCR10 MM FAST-0608A
Chemokine CCR2b HS FAST-060A FAST-060C FAST-060G FAST-060B
Chemokine CCR2b MM FAST-0600A FAST-0600C FAST-0600B
Chemokine CCR2b RH FAST-0710A FAST-0710B
Chemokine CCR2b RN FAST-0616A FAST-0616C FAST-0616B
Chemokine CCR3 HS FAST-061A FAST-061G FAST-061B
Chemokine CCR3 MM FAST-0601A
Chemokine CCR4 HS FAST-069A FAST-069G FAST-069B
Chemokine CCR4 MM FAST-0602A
Chemokine CCR5 CF FAST-0712A
Chemokine CCR5 HS FAST-062A FAST-062C FAST-062G FAST-062E FAST-062B
Chemokine CCR5 MM FAST-0603A FAST-0603B
Chemokine CCR5 OC FAST-0713A
Chemokine CCR5 RH FAST-0711A FAST-0711C FAST-0711B
Chemokine CCR5 RN FAST-0617A FAST-0617C FAST-0617B
Chemokine CCR6 HS FAST-063A FAST-063C FAST-063G FAST-063B
Chemokine CCR6 MM FAST-0604A FAST-0604C
Chemokine CCR7 HS FAST-064A FAST-064C FAST-064G FAST-064E FAST-064B
Chemokine CCR7 MM FAST-0605A
Chemokine CCR8 HS FAST-065A FAST-065C FAST-065G FAST-065B
Chemokine CCR8 MM FAST-0606A FAST-0606C
Chemokine CCR9a HS FAST-066A
Chemokine CCR9a MM FAST-0607A
Chemokine CX3CR1 HS FAST-070A FAST-070C FAST-070G FAST-070E FAST-070B
Chemokine CX3CR1 MM FAST-0615A FAST-0615G
Chemokine CX3CR1 RN FAST-0618A
Chemokine CXCR1 HS FAST-071A FAST-071C FAST-071G FAST-071B
Chemokine CXCR1 MM FAST-0609A
Chemokine CXCR2 HS FAST-075A FAST-075C FAST-075G FAST-075B
Chemokine CXCR2 MM FAST-0610A
Chemokine CXCR3a HS FAST-076A FAST-076G FAST-076B
Chemokine CXCR3a MM FAST-0611A
Chemokine CXCR3b HS FAST-0761A
Chemokine CXCR4 HS FAST-077A FAST-077C FAST-077G FAST-077B
Chemokine CXCR4 MM FAST-0612A
Chemokine CXCR4 RN FAST-0619A
Chemokine CXCR5 HS FAST-078A FAST-078G
Chemokine CXCR5 MM FAST-0613A
Chemokine CXCR6 HS FAST-080A FAST-080C FAST-080G
Chemokine CXCR6 MM FAST-0614A
Chemokine CXCR7 HS FAST-081B
Chemokine XCR1 HS FAST-085A FAST-085C FAST-085G
Cholecystokinin CCK1 HS FAST-090A FAST-090C FAST-090I FAST-090B
Cholecystokinin CCK2 HS FAST-091A FAST-091I FAST-091B
Corticotropin-releasing factor CRF1 HS FAST-095A FAST-095C FAST-095G FAST-095B
Corticotropin-releasing factor CRF2a HS FAST-097C
Corticotropin-releasing factor CRF2a RN FAST-098C
Corticotropin-releasing factor CRF2b HS FAST-096C FAST-096B
Cytochrome P450 CYP19 HS FAST-1209
Cytochrome P450 CYP1A2 HS FAST-1200
Cytochrome P450 CYP2C19 HS FAST-1202
Cytochrome P450 CYP2C9 HS FAST-1201
Cytochrome P450 CYP2D6 HS FAST-1203
Cytochrome P450 CYP3A4 HS FAST-1204
Dopamine D1 HS FAST-0100C FAST-0100B
Dopamine D1 RN FAST-0126C
Dopamine D2L HS FAST-0101A FAST-0101C FAST-0101G FAST-0101B
Dopamine D2S HS FAST-0102A FAST-0102C FAST-0102G FAST-0102B
Dopamine D2S MM FAST-0132C
Dopamine D2S RN FAST-0127C
Dopamine D3 HS ES-173G ES-173B
Dopamine D4.4 HS FAST-099C FAST-099G FAST-099B
Dopamine D4.4 RN FAST-0103G FAST-0103B
Dopamine D5 HS FAST-0104C
Dopamine D5 RN FAST-0129C
Endothelin ETA HS FAST-0105A FAST-0105B
Endothelin ETB HS FAST-0106A FAST-0106B
Enzyme AChE HS FAST-1403
Enzyme COMT HS FAST-1402
Enzyme COX2 HS FAST-1406
Enzyme eNOS HS FAST-1407
Enzyme MAO-A HS FAST-1400
Enzyme MAO-B HS FAST-1401
Enzyme PDE3 HS FAST-1404
Enzyme PDE4 HS FAST-1405
Enzyme SRD5A1 HS FAST-1408
Formylpeptide FPR1 HS FAST-0342A FAST-0342C
Formylpeptide FPR2 HS FAST-0340A FAST-0340C FAST-0340G FAST-0340B
Formylpeptide FPR2 MM FAST-0343C
Formylpeptide FPR2 RN FAST-0344C
Formylpeptide FPR3 HS FAST-0341A FAST-0341C
Free fatty acid FFA1 (GPR40) HS FAST-0110A FAST-0110I
Free fatty acid FFA1 (GPR40) MM FAST-0109A
Free fatty acid FFA2 (GPR43) CF FAST-0123A FAST-0123C
Free fatty acid FFA2 (GPR43) HS FAST-0112A FAST-0112C FAST-0112I FAST-0112G FAST-0112E
Free fatty acid FFA2 (GPR43) MM FAST-0116A FAST-0116C FAST-0116I FAST-0116G
Free fatty acid FFA2 (GPR43) RH FAST-0124A FAST-0124C
Free fatty acid FFA2 (GPR43) RN FAST-0117A FAST-0117C FAST-0117I FAST-0117G
Free fatty acid FFA3 (GPR41) HS FAST-0111A FAST-0111C FAST-0111G
Free fatty acid FFA3 (GPR41) MM FAST-0118C
Free fatty acid FFA4 (GPR120) HS FAST-0113A FAST-0113I FAST-0113E
Free fatty acid FFA4 (GPR120) MM FAST-0114A
Free fatty acid FFA4 (GPR120) RN FAST-0115A
Free fatty acid GPR35 HS FAST-0915A FAST-0915C FAST-0915G FAST-0915E
Free fatty acid GPR35 MM FAST-0991A FAST-0991C
Free fatty acid GPR35 RN FAST-0992A FAST-0992C
Free fatty acid GPR84 HS FAST-0935A FAST-0935C FAST-0935G FAST-0935E FAST-0935T
Free fatty acid GPR84 MM FAST-0993A FAST-0993C
Free fatty acid GPR84 RN FAST-0994A FAST-0994C
GABA Non-selective RN FAST-0121B
Galanin GAL1 HS FAST-0130A FAST-0130C FAST-0130G FAST-0130B
Galanin GAL2 HS FAST-0131A FAST-0131I FAST-0131G FAST-0131B
Ghrelin GHSR HS FAST-0135A FAST-0135I FAST-0135B
Glucagon GHRH HS FAST-0160C
Glucagon GIP HS FAST-0139A FAST-0139C FAST-0139T FAST-0139B
Glucagon GLP-1 HS FAST-0145A FAST-0145C FAST-0145T FAST-0145B
Glucagon GLP-1 MM FAST-0147C FAST-0147T FAST-0147B
Glucagon GLP-2 HS FAST-0146C
Glucagon Glucagon HS FAST-0138A FAST-0138C FAST-0138B
Glucagon Secretin HS FAST-0161A FAST-0161C
Glutamate mGlu1 HS FAST-0152A FAST-0152C FAST-0152B
Glutamate mGlu2 HS FAST-0153C
Glutamate mGlu3 HS FAST-0155A
Glutamate mGlu4 HS FAST-0150C FAST-0150G
Glutamate mGlu5 HS FAST-0151A FAST-0151I FAST-0151B
Glutamate mGlu5 RN FAST-0158B
Glutamate mGlu6 HS FAST-0157G
Glutamate mGlu7 HS FAST-0154C
Glutamate mGlu8 HS FAST-0156G
Glycoprotein hormone FSH HS FAST-0580C
Glycoprotein hormone LH HS FAST-0581C
Glycoprotein hormone TSH HS FAST-0582C
Glycoprotein hormone TSH MM FAST-0584C
Glycoprotein hormone TSH RN FAST-0585C
Histamine H1 HS FAST-0170A FAST-0170I FAST-0170B
Histamine H2 HS FAST-0171A FAST-0171C FAST-0171B
Histamine H3 CF FAST-0175G
Histamine H3 HS FAST-0172A FAST-0172C FAST-0172G FAST-0172B
Histamine H3 RN FAST-0174G FAST-0174B
Histamine H4 HS FAST-0173A FAST-0173G FAST-0173B
Histamine H4 MM FAST-0169G
Hydroxycarboxylic acid HCA1 HS FAST-0352A FAST-0352C FAST-0352G
Hydroxycarboxylic acid HCA1 MM FAST-0353C
Hydroxycarboxylic acid HCA1 RN FAST-0354C
Hydroxycarboxylic acid HCA2 HS FAST-0350A FAST-0350C FAST-0350G FAST-0350B
Hydroxycarboxylic acid HCA3 HS FAST-0351A FAST-0351C FAST-0351G FAST-0351E
Ion channel Cav1.2 (DHP) RN FAST-1305
Ion channel CaV1.2 (Verapamil) RN FAST-1306
Ion channel Cav1.2 (Diltiazem) RN FAST-1304
Ion channel GABA (BZD) RN FAST-1302
Ion channel HERG HS FAST-1208
Ion channel nAChR (alpha4/beta2) RN FAST-1303
Ion channel NMDA (glutamate) HS FAST-0361B
KISS1/Kisspeptin GPR54 HS FAST-0180A FAST-0180B
KISS1/Kisspeptin GPR54 RN FAST-0181A
Leukotriene BLT1 (LTB4R) HS FAST-0192A FAST-0192G
Leukotriene BLT2 (LTB4R2) HS FAST-0194A
Leukotriene CysLT1 HS FAST-0190A FAST-0190B
Leukotriene CysLT2 HS FAST-0191A FAST-0191B
Leukotriene OXE HS FAST-0193A
Lysophospholipid GPR34 HS FAST-0914A FAST-0914C FAST-0914G
Lysophospholipid GPR55 HS FAST-0922A FAST-0922T
Lysophospholipid LPA3 (EDG7) HS FAST-0632A FAST-0632I
Lysophospholipid LPA5 (GPR92) HS FAST-0641I
Lysophospholipid S1P1 (EDG1) CP FAST-0627A
Lysophospholipid S1P1 (EDG1) FS FAST-0203A
Lysophospholipid S1P1 (EDG1) HS FAST-0197A FAST-0197C FAST-0197G
Lysophospholipid S1P1 (EDG1) MM FAST-0625A
Lysophospholipid S1P1 (EDG1) RN FAST-0202A FAST-0202C
Lysophospholipid S1P2 (EDG5) HS FAST-0198A
Lysophospholipid S1P3 (EDG3) CP FAST-0628A
Lysophospholipid S1P3 (EDG3) HS FAST-0199A
Lysophospholipid S1P4 (EDG6) HS FAST-0200A FAST-0200T
Lysophospholipid S1P5 (EDG8) CP FAST-0629A
Lysophospholipid S1P5 (EDG8) FS FAST-0204A
Lysophospholipid S1P5 (EDG8) HS FAST-0201A FAST-0201G FAST-0201E
Lysophospholipid S1P5 (EDG8) MM FAST-0626A
Mas related MAS HS FAST-0210A
Mas related MRG HS FAST-0211 ***
Mas related MRGD HS FAST-0212A FAST-0212C FAST-0212G
Mas related MRGE HS FAST-0216 ***
Mas related MRGF HS FAST-0215 ***
Mas related MRGX1 HS FAST-0213A
Mas related MRGX2 HS FAST-0214A
Melanin-concentrating hormone MCH1 HS FAST-0220A FAST-0220C FAST-0220G FAST-0220B
Melanin-concentrating hormone MCH1 MM FAST-0660A
Melanin-concentrating hormone MCH2 HS FAST-0221A FAST-0221B
Melanocortin MC1 HS FAST-0230C FAST-0230B
Melanocortin MC2-MRAP HS FAST-0231A FAST-0231C
Melanocortin MC2-MRAP RN FAST-0226C
Melanocortin MC3 HS FAST-0232C FAST-0232B
Melanocortin MC3 MM FAST-0235C
Melanocortin MC4 HS FAST-0233C FAST-0233B
Melanocortin MC5 CF FAST-0238C FAST-0238B
Melanocortin MC5 HS FAST-0234C FAST-0234B
Melanocortin MC5 MM FAST-0236C FAST-0236B
Melanocortin MC5 RN FAST-0237C FAST-0237B
Melatonin MT1 HS FAST-0240A FAST-0240G FAST-0240B
Melatonin MT2 HS FAST-0241A FAST-0241G FAST-0241B
Motilin MTL HS FAST-0250A FAST-0250I FAST-0250B
Muscarinic M1 HS FAST-0260A FAST-0260I FAST-0260G FAST-0260B
Muscarinic M1 RN FAST-0262A
Muscarinic M2 HS FAST-0261A FAST-0261C FAST-0261G FAST-0261B
Muscarinic M2 RN FAST-0263A
Muscarinic M3 HS ES-212A ES-212I ES-212B
Muscarinic M3 RN FAST-0266A
Muscarinic M4 HS ES-213A ES-213G ES-213B
Muscarinic M4 RN FAST-0267A
Muscarinic M5 HS FAST-0264A FAST-0264I FAST-0264B
Muscarinic Non-selective RN FAST-0265B
Neurokinin NK1 HS FAST-0269A FAST-0269B
Neurokinin NK1 MM FAST-0621A FAST-0621B
Neurokinin NK1 RH FAST-0634A
Neurokinin NK1 RN FAST-0622A FAST-0622B
Neurokinin NK2 HS FAST-0270A FAST-0270B
Neurokinin NK2 MM FAST-0623A
Neurokinin NK2 RH FAST-0635A
Neurokinin NK2 RN FAST-0624A
Neuromedin U NMU1 HS FAST-0280A FAST-0280I FAST-0280B
Neuromedin U NMU1 MM FAST-0282I FAST-0280B
Neuromedin U NMU2 HS FAST-0281A FAST-0281I FAST-0281B
Neuromedin U NMU2 MM FAST-0283I FAST-0283B
Neuropeptide GPR7 HS FAST-0290A FAST-0290C FAST-0290G FAST-0290B
Neuropeptide GPR7 MM FAST-0291A
Neuropeptide GPR7 RN FAST-0292A
Neuropeptide GPR8 HS FAST-0310A FAST-0310C FAST-0310G FAST-0310B
Neuropeptide NPFF1 HS FAST-0412C FAST-0412G FAST-0412B
Neuropeptide NPFF2S HS FAST-0295A FAST-0295G FAST-0295B
Neuropeptide NPS (Asn) HS FAST-0300A FAST-0300I FAST-0300B
Neuropeptide NPS (Ile) HS FAST-0301A FAST-0301B
Neuropeptide NPY1 HS FAST-0320A FAST-0320C FAST-0320G FAST-0320B
Neuropeptide NPY1 MF FAST-0319A FAST-0319C
Neuropeptide NPY1 RN FAST-0318A FAST-0318C
Neuropeptide NPY2 CF FAST-0333B
Neuropeptide NPY2 HS FAST-0321A FAST-0321C FAST-0321B
Neuropeptide NPY2 MF FAST-0325A FAST-0325C FAST-0325B
Neuropeptide NPY2 MM FAST-0332B
Neuropeptide NPY2 RN FAST-0324A FAST-0324C FAST-0324B
Neuropeptide NPY2 SS FAST-0334B
Neuropeptide NPY4 HS FAST-0323A FAST-0323C FAST-0323B
Neuropeptide NPY4 MF FAST-0327A FAST-0327C
Neuropeptide NPY4 RN FAST-0326A FAST-0326C
Neuropeptide NPY5 HS FAST-0322A FAST-0322C FAST-0322B
Neuropeptide NPY5 MF FAST-0329A FAST-0329C
Neuropeptide NPY5 RN FAST-0328A
Neuropeptide QRFP (GPR103) HS FAST-0302A
Neurotensin NTS1 HS FAST-0330A FAST-0330C FAST-0330I FAST-0330G FAST-0330B
Neurotensin NTS2 HS FAST-0331A FAST-0331I FAST-0331B
Oleoylethanolamide GPR119 HS FAST-0370C
Opioid OP1 (delta) HS FAST-0379A FAST-0379C FAST-0379G FAST-0379B
Opioid OP1 (delta) RN FAST-0378C
Opioid OP2 (kappa) HS FAST-0380A FAST-0380C FAST-0380G FAST-0380B
Opioid OP2 (kappa) MM FAST-0375C
Opioid OP2 (kappa) RN FAST-0376C
Opioid OP3 (mu) HS FAST-0381A FAST-0381C FAST-0381G FAST-0381E FAST-0381B
Opioid OP3 (mu) MM FAST-0382C FAST-0382G
Opioid OP3 (mu) RN FAST-0383C FAST-0383G FAST-0383B
Opioid ORL1 HS FAST-0360C FAST-0360G FAST-0360B
Opioid ORL1 RN FAST-0362B
Orexin OX1 HS FAST-0390A FAST-0390I FAST-0390B
Orexin OX1 MM FAST-0394A
Orexin OX1 RN FAST-0392A FAST-0392I
Orexin OX2 HS FAST-0391A FAST-0391I FAST-0391B
Orexin OX2 MM FAST-0395A
Orexin OX2 RN FAST-0393A FAST-0393I
Orphan GPR101 HS FAST-0941C ***
Orphan GPR101 MM FAST-0953C ***
Orphan GPR101 RN FAST-0954C ***
Orphan GPR12 HS FAST-0702C ***
Orphan GPR132 (G2A) HS FAST-0967 ***
Orphan GPR139 HS FAST-0980A
Orphan GPR141 HS FAST-0981 ***
Orphan GPR142 HS FAST-0969I
Orphan GPR142 MM FAST-0898I
Orphan GPR142 RN FAST-0899I
Orphan GPR146 HS FAST-0976 ***
Orphan GPR148 HS FAST-0982 ***
Orphan GPR149 HS FAST-0983 ***
Orphan GPR150 HS FAST-0984 ***
Orphan GPR151 HS FAST-0985 ***
Orphan GPR152 HS FAST-0942 ***
Orphan GPR153 HS FAST-0978 ***
Orphan GPR161 (RE2) HS FAST-0962C ***
Orphan GPR162 HS FAST-0943 ***
Orphan GPR17-long HS FAST-0996A FAST-0996C FAST-0996I FAST-0996G
Orphan GPR17 HS FAST-0903A FAST-0903C FAST-0903I FAST-0903G FAST-0903T
Orphan GPR17 MM FAST-0997A FAST-0997C FAST-0997I FAST-0997G
Orphan GPR17 RN FAST-0998A FAST-0998C FAST-0998I FAST-0998G
Orphan GPR171 HS FAST-0946 ***
Orphan GPR173 (SREB3) HS FAST-0977 ***
Orphan GPR174 HS FAST-0944 ***
Orphan GPR176 HS FAST-0947 ***
Orphan GPR18 HS FAST-0904 ***
Orphan GPR182 HS FAST-0949 ***
Orphan GPR19 HS FAST-0905 ***
Orphan GPR20 HS FAST-0906 ***
Orphan GPR21 HS FAST-0907C ***
Orphan GPR22 HS FAST-0908 ***
Orphan GPR23 (LPA4) HS FAST-0640 ***
Orphan GPR25 HS FAST-0909 ***
Orphan GPR26 HS FAST-0970C ***
Orphan GPR27 (SREB1) HS FAST-0910 ***
Orphan GPR3 HS FAST-0700C ***
Orphan GPR3 MM FAST-0703C ***
Orphan GPR3 RN FAST-0704C ***
Orphan GPR30 (GPER) HS FAST-0911 ***
Orphan GPR31 HS FAST-0912 ***
Orphan GPR32 HS FAST-0913 ***
Orphan GPR37 HS FAST-0916 ***
Orphan GPR37L1 HS FAST-0917 ***
Orphan GPR39 HS FAST-0918A FAST-0918C
Orphan GPR39 MM FAST-0932A FAST-0932C
Orphan GPR39 RN FAST-0999C
Orphan GPR45 HS FAST-0919 ***
Orphan GPR50 HS FAST-0920 ***
Orphan GPR52 HS FAST-0921C
Orphan GPR52 MM FAST-0891C
Orphan GPR52 RN FAST-0961C
Orphan GPR6 HS FAST-0701C ***
Orphan GPR61 HS FAST-0924C ***
Orphan GPR62 HS FAST-0979 ***
Orphan GPR63 HS FAST-0925 ***
Orphan GPR75 HS FAST-0930 ***
Orphan GPR78 HS FAST-0931C ***
Orphan GPR82 HS FAST-0933 ***
Orphan GPR83 (GPR72) HS FAST-0934A FAST-0934I
Orphan GPR83 (GPR72) MM FAST-0945A FAST-0945I
Orphan GPR87 HS FAST-0937 ***
Orphan GPR88 HS FAST-0938A FAST-0938C
Orphan GPR88 MM FAST-0963C
Orphan GPR88 RN FAST-0964C
Orphan GPRC5A (RAIG1) HS FAST-0955 ***
Orphan GPRC5B (RAIG2) HS FAST-0956 ***
Orphan GPRC5C (RAIG3) HS FAST-0957 ***
Orphan GPRC5D (RAIG4) HS FAST-0958 ***
Orphan LGR4 (GPR48) HS FAST-0972 ***
Orphan LGR5 (GPR49) HS FAST-0973 ***
Orphan LGR6 HS FAST-0974 ***
Orphan P2Y10 HS FAST-0951 ***
Orphan P2Y5 HS FAST-0950 ***
Orphan P2Y8 HS FAST-0986 ***
Parathyroid hormone PTH1 HS FAST-0140C
Parathyroid hormone PTH2 HS FAST-0141C
pH sensing GPR4 HS FAST-0901C
pH sensing GPR4 MM FAST-0883C
pH sensing GPR4 RN FAST-0884C
pH sensing GPR65 HS FAST-0927C FAST-0927I
pH sensing GPR65 MM FAST-0929C
pH sensing GPR65 RN FAST-0880C
pH sensing GPR68 HS FAST-0928C FAST-0928I
pH sensing GPR68 MM FAST-0881C
pH sensing GPR68 RN FAST-0882C
Platelet-Activating Factor PAF HS FAST-0650A FAST-0650C
Prokineticin PKR1 HS FAST-0400A FAST-0400c FAST-0400B
Prokineticin PKR2 HS FAST-0401A FAST-0401C FAST-0401I FAST-0401B
Prolactin-releasing peptide PrRP (GPR10) HS FAST-0410A
Prostanoid DP HS FAST-0430A FAST-0430C FAST-0430B
Prostanoid DP2 (CRTH2) HS FAST-0420A FAST-0420C FAST-0420G FAST-0420B
Prostanoid EP1 HS FAST-0432A FAST-0432B
Prostanoid EP2 HS FAST-0443C FAST-0443E FAST-0443B
Prostanoid EP3 HS FAST-0444A FAST-0444B
Prostanoid EP4 HS FAST-0431A FAST-0431C FAST-0431B
Prostanoid FP HS FAST-0433I
Prostanoid IP1 HS FAST-0434C FAST-0434I
Prostanoid TP HS FAST-0438A FAST-0438I
Protease-activated PAR1 HS FAST-0439A FAST-0439G
Protease-activated PAR2 HS FAST-0440A FAST-0440G
Protease-activated PAR3 HS FAST-0441A
Protease-activated PAR4 HS FAST-0442A
Purinergic P2Y1 HS FAST-0452I
Purinergic P2Y11 HS FAST-0456A
Purinergic P2Y12 HS FAST-0458A
Purinergic P2Y2 HS FAST-0453I
Purinergic P2Y4 HS FAST-0454I
Purinergic P2Y6 HS FAST-0455A FAST-0455I
Purinergic P2Y6 MM FAST-0459I
Relaxin RXFP1 CF FAST-0466C
Relaxin RXFP1 HS FAST-0469C
Relaxin RXFP1 MM FAST-0464C
Relaxin RXFP1 OC FAST-0467C
Relaxin RXFP1 RN FAST-0465C
Relaxin RXFP1 SS FAST-0468C
Relaxin RXFP3 HS FAST-0470A FAST-0470C FAST-0470G
Relaxin RXFP4 HS FAST-0471A FAST-0471C FAST-0471G
Relaxin RXFP4 MM FAST-0473G
Serotonin 5-HT1A CF FAST-0476G FAST-0476B
Serotonin 5-HT1A HS FAST-0500A FAST-0500C FAST-0500G FAST-0500B
Serotonin 5-HT1A MM FAST-0475G FAST-0475B
Serotonin 5-HT1A OC FAST-0477G FAST-0477B
Serotonin 5-HT1A RN FAST-0515G FAST-0515B
Serotonin 5-HT1B CF FAST-0479G FAST-0479B
Serotonin 5-HT1B HS FAST-0501C FAST-0501G FAST-0501B
Serotonin 5-HT1B MM FAST-0478G FAST-0478B
Serotonin 5-HT1B OC FAST-0480B
Serotonin 5-HT1B RN FAST-0516C FAST-0516G FAST-0516B
Serotonin 5-HT1D CF FAST-0483B
Serotonin 5-HT1D HS FAST-0502G FAST-0502B
Serotonin 5-HT1D MM FAST-0481A FAST-0481B
Serotonin 5-HT1D OC FAST-0484B
Serotonin 5-HT1D RN FAST-0482A FAST-0482B
Serotonin 5-HT1e CF FAST-0485B
Serotonin 5-HT1e HS FAST-0503C FAST-0503G FAST-0503B
Serotonin 5-HT1e OC FAST-0486B
Serotonin 5-HT1F CF FAST-0489G FAST-0489B
Serotonin 5-HT1F HS FAST-0504C FAST-0504G FAST-0504B
Serotonin 5-HT1F MM FAST-0487B
Serotonin 5-HT1F OC FAST-0490G FAST-0490B
Serotonin 5-HT1F RN FAST-0488B
Serotonin 5-HT2A CF FAST-0492I FAST-0492B
Serotonin 5-HT2A HS FAST-0505A FAST-0505I FAST-0505B
Serotonin 5-HT2A MM FAST-0491B
Serotonin 5-HT2A OC FAST-0493I FAST-0493B
Serotonin 5-HT2A RN FAST-0517A FAST-0517I FAST-0517B
Serotonin 5-HT2B HS FAST-0506A FAST-0506I FAST-0506B
Serotonin 5-HT2B RN FAST-0518A FAST-0518I
Serotonin 5-HT2C edited HS FAST-0507A FAST-0507I FAST-0507B
Serotonin 5-HT2C non edited HS FAST-0508A FAST-0508I FAST-0508B
Serotonin 5-HT2C non edited MM FAST-0496I