EuroscreenFast is presenting at Discovery Europe 2024 in Basel, Switzerland

Join us in Basel once again for the exciting Discovery Europe 2024 event. EuroscreenFast will be based at exhibition Booth 22 and will also have a poster presentation. However, the highlight of the event will undoubtedly be Dr Laurent Meeus’ presentation on High Throughput Screening of the pH-activated GPR65 and GPR68 receptors.

GPR65 & GPR68 are pH-activated receptors that have been implicated in cancer. EuroscreenFast has developed custom cell lines and assays for GPR65 & GPR68, and used these in a high-throughput screening campaign to identify a number of primary hits from a compound library. These can serve as potential starting points to develop drug candidates against each GPCR.

Reach out to day to set up a meeting with Laurent Meeus and Brett Whitecross while they are in town for what promises to be an insightful event addressing all that impacts cutting-edge drug discovery.